Here’s a list of current downloads:

Dotify CLI


New in this version:

  • Adds a volume transition feature
  • Adds the possibility to add content to the beginning of the book
  • Supports referencing spans (closes brailleapps/dotify.api#17 and brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#44)
  • Corrects top-padding of the toc heading
  • Removes workaround for tables in DTBook (fixes brailleapps/dotify.task.impl#4)
  • Improves Java 9 compatibility (fixes brailleapps/dotify.task.impl#18)

Dotify Studio


New in this version:

  • Updates Norwegian translation
  • Supports passing a file path as the only startup argument
  • Improves the left tools panel implementation
  • Removes code duplication in DotifyController (fixes #68)

In addition, the DEB and RPM distributions are back!

Attention MacOS users! There is a problem with the installation, see brailleapps/dotify-studio-installer#7 for a workaround.