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Dotify Studio


New in this version:

  • User Interface
    • Enables output format selection, progress estimate, auto-save and character tool features
    • Improves extension filters in open dialog
    • Adds empty value to ChoiceBox
    • Adds configuration tab to About window
    • Supports setting target locale in converter options
    • Adds editor defaults to settings panel
    • Uses display name for locales in settings
    • Improves input format selection accuracy
    • Fixes a problem with saving to file
    • Fixes a problem where the selected template was not applied
    • Improves cleanup when exiting the application
  • Translators
    • Adds Liblouis translators for the following locales: af, ar, as, awa, bn, bra, ca, chr, ckb, cs, cy, da, de, de-CH, el, en, en-GB, en-US, eo, es, fa, fi, fr, ga, gez, gu, haw, hi, hr, hu, iu, kha, kn, ko, lt, lv, mi, ml, mn, mni, mr, ne, nl, nl-BE, no, or, pa, pl, pt, ru, sa sd, sk, sl, sr, ta, te and vi
    • Supports locale 'sv'
  • Input format converters
    • Supports docx, odt and html input
    • Adds more options to Text2ObflTask
    • Removes xml:lang validation from dtbook converter
    • Removes a debug message in the epub converter
    • Improves task names
  • Formatting
    • Supports flow into header/footer (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#63)
    • Enhances volume-transition
    • Fixes marker-reference issue (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#39, closes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#94)
    • Fixes a problem with vertical position (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#92, closes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#96)
    • Fixes a page number offset problem (part of brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#97)
    • Fixes a case where an volume breaking solution could not be found (part of brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#97)
    • Fixes a situation that could cause a StackOverflowException when looking up markers (part of brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#97)
    • Fixes a problem with uneven margins
    • Fixes a problem where no solution was found (closes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#104)
  • Other
    • Adds a feature switch with file set support
    • Fixes a NullPointerException
    • Improves documentation

Dotify CLI


  • Formatting
    • Formatting process is faster and guaranteed to converge
    • Volume breaking is more stable #50
    • Fix interpretation of volume-keep-priority in and around nested blocks
    • Fix break-before="page" when already at the beginning of a page, resulting in less empty pages in the result. #98
    • Allow evaluation of $volume in volume transitions and in the normal flow #99
    • Allow `, where you previously had to say (round $page) or (format {0} $page) #99
    • Be more strict about what is allowed in an expression #99
    • Don't normalize space in evaluating expressions #99
    • Call setResolver earlier to enable peeking to Evaluate or PageNumberReference segments #105
    • Fix a mismatch between the behavior of ScenarioData and RowGroupDataSource that could result in an IllegalStateException, notably when a break-before="page" occurs when there are only empty blocks on the current page, some of which have markers. #98
    • any-resumed does not reduce available space on page when not rendered
    • Improved documentation #102