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Dotify CLI


New since 2.3 (released in September 2014)


New commands

  • Includes all commands previously found in Braille Utils CLI (the "default command" in Dotify 2.3 is now called convert)
  • Adds translator command

Changed options

  • convert (the "default command" in Dotify 2.3)
    • Adds option to re-run conversion upon change in source file with -w
    • Lists advanced options with -o
    • Makes it possible to override xslt localization data
    • Removes options related to a specific path (fixes #5, fixes #7)
    • Uses page-height and page-width instead of rows and cols (fixes #10)
  • list
    • Adds hyphenators to list command

      Improved commands

  • convert (the "default command" in Dotify 2.3)
    • Help text lists supported input and output formats
    • Sorts presets in the help text
    • OBFL validation is now supported for OBFL results
    • Improves format detection
  • emboss
    • Makes it possible to send embosser data to a folder instead of a device
    • Displays some key properties of the selected embosser implementation in embosser settings (8-dot support, volume support, line spacing support)
  • find
    • Corrects the scanning folder (fixes #14)
  • validate
    • OBFL is now supported as input


  • Supports Index V5 embossers
  • Adds 8-dot embossing for Index V4 and V5 embossers
  • Adds unprintable margins for Index V4 and V5 (fixes brailleapps/braille-utils.impl#3)
  • Corrects width calculation on Braillo 300 (fixes brailleapps/braille-utils.impl#1)


  • Adds support for html and epub 3
  • Adds support for tables
  • Adds support for margin markers (including brailleapps/dotify#148)
  • Adds support for collapsing margins
  • Adds support for attribute "underline-pattern"
  • Adds support for new marker-reference scope "spread-content"
  • Adds support for grouping of collection items according to volume
  • Adds support for additional page counters in OBFL
  • Makes it possible to disallow hyphen at the last line of the last page of a volume
  • Improves volume splitting (including #2, brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#28, brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#30)
  • Improves pagination algorithm
  • Fixes row-spacing combined with footer (brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#29 and brailleapps/dotify#196)
  • Takes margin and padding into account when computing table layout (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#35)
  • Raises the log level for non-braille characters in PEF output
  • Removes obfl-output-location from metadata
  • Improves code and performance (including brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#32 and brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#33)

Source file conversion

  • Adds support for Danish, German and Norwegian text output (not braille)
  • Adds an option to disable the toc preamble
  • Adds option to remove title page (enabled by default)
  • Adds an option to disable the cover page
  • Uses the same header and row spacing for all pages when duplex is off
  • Sets the position of rear jacket copy and colphon to right after the cover page when placed at the beginning of the book
  • Supports using page-height and page-width instead of rows and cols and adds deprecation warnings for rows, cols and rowgap
  • Adds code to handle missing values for identifier and date
  • Displays the name of the root element instead of just "XML" in xml conversion tasks
  • Fixes a problem with footnotes/rearnotes sections in combination with toc in epub 3
  • Updates OBFL validation


  • Requires Java 8
  • Improves PEF-validator
  • Adds a version file to tar and zip distributions

Dotify Studio


New in this version:

  • User interface
    • Supports side-by-side view
    • Remembers last open directory in import braille dialog
    • Adds a keyboard shortcut to "import source document" menu item
    • Updates Norwegian translations
    • Enables localization in a couple of places
  • Dtbook & epub converters
    • Adds the possibility to add content to the beginning of the book
  • Other
    • Fixes a temp file cleanup issue
    • Ignores invalid startup arguments (fixes #58)
    • Replaces SwingWorker with Task (fixes #59)
    • Code cleanup (including #31)

Attention MacOS users! There is a problem with the installation, see brailleapps/dotify-studio-installer#7 for a workaround.