Here’s a list of current downloads:

Dotify CLI


New in this version

  • Adds support for Danish, German and Norwegian text output (not braille)
  • Raises the log level for non-braille characters in PEF output
  • Fixes a problem with some options that were not displayed
  • Removes obfl-output-location from metadata
  • Makes it possible to override xslt localization data from CLI
  • Improves a file copy error message
  • Adds a version file to tar and zip distributions

Improvements to OBFL input processing

  • OBFL-validation now support tables and xml-data inside blocks
  • Adds support for attribute "underline-pattern"
  • Adds support for new marker-reference scope "spread-content"
  • Adds support for grouping of collection items according to volume
  • Removes "no block allowed within block with underline properties" restriction

Improvements to runtime plugin support

  • Supports identification factories
  • Improves support for providing several enhancers for the same format
  • All consumers now calls setCreatedWithSPI

Dotify Studio


New in this version:

  • Adds Norwegian translation
  • Adds individual extension filters for each file format in the import dialog
  • Adds icons to tabs (fixes #21)
  • Adds support for drag and drop (fixes #37)
  • Adds a confirmation before deleting a custom paper (fixes #29)
  • Adds support for displaying help contents (fixes #19)
  • Adds the possibility to hide the console view (fixes #18) and modifies search menu item to match
  • Displays only the file name when starting the application with a file argument (fixes #17)
  • Improves help documents
  • Prevents files from being opened unintentionally from the search view (fixes #27)
  • Closes an InputStream properly and updates dotify.common to v3.5.1 (which also had this problem in earlier versions)
  • Fixes a problem where sheet paper were labeled as tractor paper and vice versa (fixes #28)
  • Cleans up code