Here’s a list of current downloads:

Dotify CLI


New in this version:

  • CLI
    • Improves locales list in the "translate" command's help text
  • Embossing
    • Corrects width calculation on Braillo 300 (fixes brailleapps/braille-utils.impl#1)
  • Formatter
    • Improves volume splitting (including brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#28, brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#30)
    • Adds support for margin regions with different size (brailleapps/dotify#148)
    • Fixes row-spacing combined with footer (brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#29 and brailleapps/dotify#196)
    • Improves code and performance (including brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#32 and brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#33)

Dotify Studio


New in this version:

  • Adds the possibility to edit the source or the PEF-file
  • Remembers the last open/save locations
  • Replaces icon (fixes brailleapps/dotify-studio-installer#6)
  • Improves about dialog

Attention MacOS users! There is a problem with the installation, see brailleapps/dotify-studio-installer#7 for a workaround.