Proposal to add paper size and margins to the pef specification

In the current version of the specification the embossable area is equal to the size of the physical page. The pef-format should be capable of expressing the width and height of the physical page as well as the position of the embossable area on the physical page.

The information in the current version of the specification is sufficient using sheet paper in a manually monitored process. However, if the production involves multiple paper sizes and if an embosser is used that can output different paper sizes without physically changing the paper feed, the above addition would greatly simplify this process.

In addition, if a file has empty margins it might theoretically be embossable on an embosser that fails to do so using the current version of the specification. The reason being that some embossers cannot emboss on the entire surface of the physical page. If the margins were excluded from the content, the number of embossers compatible with any given file would increase.